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Concerning green open spaces or urban green spaces in general I must say that a lost has been destroyed in recent decades, mainly due to increased construction driven by internal migration. Ankara is much more green than this town although it is much younger and modern. Even the hills of the Bosporus have been covered with construction although they are essential parts of the town. Although town planners today are trying to establish new green areas it is nothing against the irreversible losts. The town used to be characterised by a very natural green structure, along the Bosporus for example, this is lost forever. I think that the Platanus tress are the characteristical tress of Istanbul, it belongs to this town. There is a place on the asian site of this town with a very old platanus tree, it gives shadow for around 100 people and you find a coffee garden just below the tree. In the 1930s on very old platanus tree, which was already mentioned in histrical documents, was cut in oder to built a university builiding for the faculty of agriculture and landscape construction. This has been the attitude towards trees for a long time, unfortunately.
In Vienna I know the Naschmarkt because I have been living in a flat directly on that place for one month, there is an oriental mood in can let yourself go in these towns without being stressed. Being in public spaces to have a coffee, this one of the most important things for me in a town, reading and being in a coffe house...
....I will leave this quarter soon to live in a different place, there is to much instability here, people are moving in and out, I prefer quarter with stable relations of people, simple lines among people....