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Today I enjoy this square around the Galata tower since I am living right here and I can go out and have a coffee right in the middle of the people, but you must see that this kind of use has not been achieved without conflict. For examples exactly this space where we are was once used to park and turn the school busses, there are a lot of schools around here. Therefore, around noon, it was impossible to pass here because everything was covered with minibusses and pupils. Reserving this space around this tower for pedestrians was not easy at all, it took a lot of negotiations with the city administration to reach this. On top of that, you have to consider the interests of all the commercial people around here, they need these roads to be accessible by cars at any time.
It is an ongoing conflict, you don not see this on first sight, the place looks peaceful but it is not....
...towns are organic, you can not plan them entirely and they develop slowly according to the attitudes and interests of many people...