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Unfortunately, a lot of this cultural variety of Istanbul was lost in the last century, specifically after 1955 when the Greek orthodox people were forced to leave the country. On top of that, some people left the quarter on their own initiative, in order to live in other quarter where there found better conditions for living, many jews went to Israel. In the course of the second half of the 20th century this quarter had completely changed its population structure: the old inhabitants left and small workshops and shops took their place. Sophisticated commercial structures established, for example: this road down there is completely dedicated to the production and sellig of lamps.

This sophisticated mix of uses includes the brothel 100 metres down there. The population exchange was also supported by strong internal migrations in Turkey which finally brought very poor people in this quarter, simple workers for examples, there were up to 15 people livng in one single room sometimes. Today the Galata quater has become attractive for people with higher incomes due to its central location in Istanbul, they are moving back to the city centre, this process started some 10 years ago. So here you have for exampel two people neighbouring each other and one earns 50 times more money than the other.