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Helena Zatecka and Josefa Vorlova
Gabriela Sedlackcova
Mirek and Eliska

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Gabriela Sedlackcova

Gabriela Sedlackcova

.. is great to stop here when you have something to do in town, it is a place to relax, my daugher enjoyed the playgorund when she was small, today she has different interests and lso sits on the bench
with me, relaxing. There have been and still are changes in the place, but everything is done very slowly and sensible, so it is almost not noticeable. I appreciate the green here and I can come back to my own energy, it is the mix of people and space here which is special to me. I traveled a lot in Asia some years before, Bankok, Singapore, Hong Kong, most cities and also the public spaces are much more crowded, you always have a feeling of being inside traffic, Singapore is different...