Vienna: Augarten


Heinrich Rüschka

"Here we are in the very beautiful Augarten in Vienna, second district. I come here very often as I life very close, to take a rest, read and a little sunbath. I have been playing here already when I was a child, as far as it was possible, because there were these strange park guards, mostly invalids of the First World War and they had to take care that nobody would walk or play on the meadows and so on. I remember that I always wanted to walk around here freely as a child but never could do it because of them, however, we made fun with them. This has changed of course, it is much better today.

I have passed all my 80 years in this district. I like that there are not many people here which makes this place really calm, no disco sounds or great events which would destroy the calmness. That would not fit to this park. It is sad that some trees have to be cut soon, they are to old now, well that’s life. I don’t understand the brick wall on that side, to my mind something should be done with it. I don’t have a favourite tree here, I like them all. It is great that they care about this horrible disease which affects the chestnut trees’ leaves, in my own courtyard it is much worse and it makes me sad to see the ill tree there.

Changes, well the Flak-tower over there, a bid change of course. And it was impossible to remove it, we tried to but the result was that all the window glasses of the houses around were destroyed and the tower remained undamaged. I don’t need it, its not beautiful anyhow."

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Vienna: Margaretenguertel


Brigitta Müller

"Well, this is Vienna, fifth quarter, a meadow that has no defined function as building area or open space, however it is used as such. It used to be a wasteland but people introduced its currently most important function which is to walk the dogs. It is beautiful here, marvellous. It is close to our flat, we are here in 10 minutes and it’s a little bit like being outside in the landscape. Other districts don’t have such huge open spaces of that character. You see that the main traffic lines are just around this space but people walk around rather relaxed despite of the noise. However, there are mostly dog owners around here, other people don’t really go here, except some youngsters tumbling around. I think this place will remain like it is in future."

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Vienna: Einsiedlerplatz


Katharina Heinrich

"We are here in a park, well I say it is a park, you may say it is a square, a park which is also a playground. It is called Einsiedlerplatz and just around the corner of my flat here in the fifth quarter of Vienna. I live and work here. I like this place very much because it is extremely vivid, there are mainly Turkish people here and almost no Austrians, best are sunny Sundays when all the families are gathering here. Men and women, each in their corner, the children in between. I like to pass here and I even take a longer way for doing so when I go shopping around here. It is very calm here before noon, so I like to sit down, take a breath of fresh air, observe people a little, in the afternoon it is different, there are more adult Turkish people around which makes a different atmosphere. It is a place to relax and to distract in between from my daily routine, beside this the whole quarter is in motion, different cultures meet here and it is one of the few places in Vienna where you can hire flats for an acceptable price. Here, I still have the freedom to extend the urban space with my personal activities, which is no longer possible in the city centre where everything is densely occupied.

For me this is place is Vienna of course, although you don’t meet any Vienna people here – for some Austrians this is a problem, but for me it is a relaxing environment. This is not Paris, of course, not that vivid on the roads. Concerning your travel route for me it is Berlin which evokes most images of open spaces, there are so many undefined, empty spaces which you would never find in Vienna, because it is so dense here. I like these breaks, we don’t have them here, except the area of the Danube river, this wide river landscape, constellations of industry and nature, the colours. It is bizarre, but I like it very much. You feel so far away from Vienna."

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