Petrin gardens


Pavel Mika:

"...your are close to the centre of Prague but you do not feel it, if you haven't seen Prague from the Petrin you haven't seen Prague. There is also another Petrin because there is a new planet, it has been discovered in the observatory here and they asked me to give a name to it, so it is called "Petrin pragensis" now.

Look at this wonderful rose garden, I follow the motto of the Saint-Exupery's Petit Prince: you are responsible for your r

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Sporilov, Roytzlske Namesti


Martin Sivior, Jiri Vacek, Lukas Jakes, Daniel Barna and Eugen Freud:

"..good place to ride scateboard, best place to go. And we sit on this bench with our friends. We have been living with this place all our life. The girls don't do skating. There is nothing similar in the world to this place. It is the most important place for us and we would like to stay here all our life."

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Frantiskanska zaharada


Helena Zatecka and Josefa Vorlova

"We have been living in Prague all our life and we rembember this place in its former function as a water reserve for the fire brigades. Now it has become a beautiful garden in the centre of the town, we appreciate this very much. We used to work close to this place, so it was part of our everyday life. Today we always come here when we are in the town centre. It is also important to cross this garden to shorten distances.....The roses are better in Petrin gardens, but well, you should ask some younger people!"

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Karlovo Namesti


Jan Steflicek

"With 4 hectares this is one of the largest squares in Europe, built as the centre of the new town, with a representative function and also used a a cattle market, and after 1860 it was essentillay redesigned, its composition is still visible today. Surfaces are in bad condition and the flower decoration is has vanished but the principle design pattern is today almost the same as it was in the 19th century. You see a lot of tourists but the place is mostly used by  inhabitants of the neighborhood and students of Charles university. There are discussions going on whether to redesign everything or the preserve the 19th century structure, I personally would keep the historical pattern and change nothing more but  some surfaces and some plantings....the square has to combine the functions of representation, connetion and recreation. There is an increasing demand to rest on the grass!"

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Daniel Landa

"Vishegrad is one of the most wonderful places in Prague, there is a spirit here, hard to decribe, an emotional, immaterial spirit. You can't touch it, it is both like god and nation to me. There are a lot of spiritual people coming here to deal with the forces around here. The buildings have a strong expression as it was a town once, not only a fortress.
The place called me once. Actually I had already bought a flat in the town centre and was about to move in, then I felt that it was wrong, I sold it again and moved back to my very small flat. Then I went again on Vishegrad, I have not been since I was a child and I felt again an internal vibration, an intensity, of which I  had already forgotten that it exists. And then I found this house on Vishegrad, now we are here. I had a rather dark past, I was a skinhead once, but it is also due to this place that I changed my live, there is so much good power here