Budapest: Madarhegy


Alise Meuris:

"We are here at the edge of Budapest, actually in between two cities. I have chosen this place because you asked for open space and I think that this is a big reserve of open space for the town and beside this, different structures are confronting here: you see this open space which is actually a field, allotment gardens, people live there in summer, and the city itself arriving in shape of the big housing estates you see in the back. And you also see these small detached houses which are basically single family houses and they are continuously replacing the allotment gardens. Well, that’s how things are developing here, everything is confronting at the same time. It has changed and it will change: some years ago there were only little allotment gardens here, gardening was the main function and people came from the town centre. Today, people leave the town centre to live here permanently and this process will continue. Therefore, this area, which is now separating two cities will disappear and consequently, the two towns will merge. I am impressed my the contrast of nature and civilisation which is represented here and the processes going on here. There is some freedom here, now, for quite a few people. For me this is very typical of Budapest, I found a lot a these places here. I accept that it changes, but at the same time I know that there are different ways to go and not all are favourable. It is a question of urbanism but also of one’s ideas of living, personally I am not satisfied with the idea of living very individually on your fenced plot of land, cut off from your environment."

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Budapest: Mikszath Ter


Balint Kaszics:

"Were are here in the middle of the Pest part of Budapest, on a small square called Mikszath Ter. It was renewed some years ago, before it was a rather unpleasant place to be. On first sight on may think that this is a typical Hungarian square, but it is not because all the housed which are framing this place were built in different periods, which is not typical of this town. The place is surrounded by university buildings so you find lots of students here, however it has remained very calm and peaceful. It was my former girlfriend who showed me this place the first time and since then I come here very often. I cross here almost everyday on my way to the tram station or to the library, I don’t really rest here but I stop for a short moment to look at the facades which I like very much. Most people are not aware of the speciality of these facades, they are not typical of Hungary, they rather evoke a Mediterranean feeling. I point this out to everyone who is passing here with me."

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Budapest: Gellert Hill


Attila Balgar:

"I brought you to the nicest place in Budapest: Gellert hill. This is very close to the Gellert bath and also to the place where I live which is important to me. I walk her with my dog at night or in the evening, when this is even more beautiful. Because you can see all the important places of the city from here, some are illuminated at night. When I was a child I was running around here with my friends all the time, and I also brought my first love here at night to show here the city, this is a wonderful memory. It is best to be here at night, when all the lights are one and one can see very good the structure of the city. Seeing the both sides of the Danube, the traffic moving along in the darkness.

Another nice aspect is to see all the small people running around down there, your are above just watching them at a distance. It is the feeling of having time to be at a distance from them, observing them, which is special to me. Beside this it is beautiful here in winter when everything is covered with snow, which is contrasting to the situation in summer, it is much calmer and quiet. I can not say that this place makes me feel that I am in Budapest because this town has a special heartbeat which is not represented in this place.

Prague has a very similar place: Vishegrad. You go there by metro and when you come out of the subway all of a sudden you are on top of the hill, this is really special. There are also similarities to Vienna, when you arrive on the highway, the plains and the lights you have in front and the lighted towers of the petrol companies, this is like entering Budapest by car. I like to observe contrasts, of light, size, contrary pair, and I can find this here, therefore I come here."

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