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Daniel Landa

"Vishegrad is one of the most wonderful places in Prague, there is a spirit here, hard to decribe, an emotional, immaterial spirit. You can't touch it, it is both like god and nation to me. There are a lot of spiritual people coming here to deal with the forces around here. The buildings have a strong expression as it was a town once, not only a fortress.
The place called me once. Actually I had already bought a flat in the town centre and was about to move in, then I felt that it was wrong, I sold it again and moved back to my very small flat. Then I went again on Vishegrad, I have not been since I was a child and I felt again an internal vibration, an intensity, of which I  had already forgotten that it exists. And then I found this house on Vishegrad, now we are here. I had a rather dark past, I was a skinhead once, but it is also due to this place that I changed my live, there is so much good power here


Right names:
VYSEHRAD (Vyšehrad)
ROZTYLSKE NAMESTI (Roztylské náměstí)

With heart regards

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