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Dragica Teofilovic

"This is Tasmajdan Park right in the centre of Belgrade and some 100 years ago it used to be a cemetery dating back to Roman times. I grew up in this quarter and I am still living here. Today I come very often to this place with my grandchild. I have been related to this park for all my lifetime. I like that this park offers enough opportunities for children, playgrounds and also enough place for them to move around, everything a child needs. The park is in a good condition and well maintained to my mind. I love the trees, they give fresh air and even in winter it is a wonderful aspect, calm and wide, an oasis in this town. For me the most important changes in the last years were that the park is much better maintained and we can find much more flowers. I like tulips and roses most….

….I have lived 4 years in Prague and later 4 years in Istanbul, because my father was an engineer and we had to move many times. You can’t find that many green open spaces in the centre Prague as you do in Belgrade, the town is different. Istanbul has much smaller open spaces, which makes the town also different from here. In Istanbul I lived with a view on the Bosporus….

Thank you very much for this interview -my family has been living in this quarter and close to Tasmajdan Park for 150 years."

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Dear Ellen and Michael,
What a wonderful project: getting back in touch with what "open space" really means to the individuals, how it affects their personal, everyday lives. Planning can become so conceptual, and removed from reality. I love how you are going back to the roots of it, getting closer to what space really means. Keep up this great project.

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