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Ankara: Kurtulus Park


Asli Taurikulu:

"We are here in Kurtulus Park in the centre of Ankara. I was born in Ankara and I came here first during my primary school time, so, I have been visiting this park for 20 years now. From my childhood I remember the big trees and women sitting on the benches knitting. Within this space I would say that very little has changed but one important aspect is the demolution of the walls which surounded this park before. Now it is open to the city. I don't come here frequently, let's say two times per month. In recent times I came to see a mobile sculpture called "The yellow girl" which has been placed down there. I like this sculpture very much.

I haven't developed a specific emotional relation to the trees around but I like to see them and to recognize the different species. My attachment to this place is one the one hand due to the fact that it is situated close to the flat where my grandmother lived, therefore, it evokes in me a nostalgic feeling as I used to be here with her. On the other hand it is the sculpture I have mentioned before that attracts me.

There are more parks in Ankara where I go to although they are not close to the place where I live, but I feel comfortable in these parks, they have preserved some history, time. There are some open spaces close to my appartment, only 10 minutes, also some walking paths, but I like most this one: Kurtulus Park. In Istanbul there is an urban park close to Taxim square, it is descending according to the topography, this is my favourite open space in Istanbul. But when I am in Instanbui I usually visit gallerys and exhibutions, not parks.

Let's go and see the sculpture.


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