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Ankara: Bilkent Campus Area


Pinar Ipek

"This is the Bilkent centre in the suburbs of Ankara. This place is close to Bikent university and the housing areas which are attached to this instiution. This is place is my usual weekend stop after my grocery shopping in the big shopping centre over there. I stop here to have my icecream, watch the kids playing, relax a little bit. I got a job at the university over there, I am a faculty member there and this is why I life here close to the campus, so it became automatically part of my life. I like that this place is close, calm and practical as I can combine shopping and being close to people. On rather funny aspect is that I specifically like the icecream-shop over there, that really attracks me to come here. Since I like that icecream better than any other I come over here to eat it, that is the story behind it. I is a calm life here, far away from the noise and dirtyness of the citylife. I also come here to be part of the public life since my environment on the campus and around the flat is rather limited.

I also have a hobby garden where I grow vegetables, this is the other open space I like to go to here. This is really realxing for me. But over there I am alone with my vegetables which gives another reason to come here to join the public life.

I grew up in a city, my childhood was in Ankra, then we moved to Izmir, so I am a city kid. I didn't develop a relationship to the trees here, but to the people, since my concern here is to be with people. But I have this kind of relations in my hobby garden with my vegetables. But I enjoy the flowers rather than the trees.

The neighbourhood where I grew up was a very green part of the town, a specific species and the quarter was named after this species. I enjoyed to climb on the trees and play around them. Ankara is surrounded by wide plains, dry, with few vegetation and since my childhood I perceived the town itself as green, in contrast to its surroundings, with this urban understanding of creating green where is no. In Izmir the perception is different: you accept the presence of the sea, the wide view instead of looking for green within the city. In Ankara people have more interest in creating and preserving green. But I also enjoy, an this developed in my adult years, the appearance of the yellowish landscape around, calm and empty, sometimes I go out with my friends to enjoy the smoothness of this landscape. There you have the feeling of emptiness. The horizon and the sky."


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