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The Idea

The idea is to get back to an ant's perception of space: not literally but in the sense of focussing on the individual's perspective on urban open space. Planners and politicians like to use rather abstract terms such as nature, landscape, space, identity, well-being or culture although the idea behind is mostly nothing more than simply "living in a particular place". We try to come back to the very beginning of identiy in space: peoples' daily circuits, their routined perception and "use" of space and specifically the role of open space in this context. The project does not aim to provide an empirical sociological survey on perception of open space - but to raise the debate on the question how to bring the concern for landscapes back to the people.


Very good idea. If possible, yould you stop in rural areas as well as in Capitals? Different perception could be interesting.
Good time for everybody, safe journey,

Christoph (Schwahn)

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