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We will go by train from Berlin to Ankara and stop in each capital along the way and also at each border station. At each stop we will meet local people and ask them to show us a specific open space which has a significant role in their everyday life. The place doesn't need to be well known or a specific sight of the town, instead the focus of this project is much more on the hidden, small spaces that are usually only of relevance for the people who really live in that particular place.


Dear Ellen, dear Axel and hello to all the others, I don't know yet, wonderful your public-space-diary, very interesting und exciting. I am curious for the next entries, reports and pictures. You have already pounded a lot of places in that week. To read the abstracts makes hunger to visit the same places and look what the interwievpartners were talking about. I wish you all the best for continuing with the super projekt.

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